This collection is based on the healing vibrations that emanate inherently from each particular gemstone. Everything in life is energy, gemstones are no exception. Many of the trace elements found in gemstones are the same as in our own bodies. By wearing a particular gemstone on our body we activate and enhance those same energies in our own body. Hence, we increase the vibrational level in our own body system so as to function at its optimum. This same principle applies to animals as well. 


This jewelry collection was created in honor of my dear sister Stefanie Dawn Strauss, who passed away at the young age of 43. My sister fought a brave and courageous fight against an insidious disease, Ovarian Cancer. No one in our family had ever had ovarian cancer.


Bling Bling for your dog or cat. Why shouldn't they be dressed up too!! Mother of Pearl and gemstone beads combined with Swarovski crystal rhondells and 14K GF or Sterling Silver.


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