By the time she was finally diagnosed by her Gynecologist of 18 years, she was already at stage 4. After 22 Chemo Therapy treatments, 2 Radiation treatments, losing her beautiful black waist length hair, and numerous other indignities the disease finally took her from us. She was gone 16 months from the time she was diagnosed. Even during her fight with Ovarian Cancer my sister made it a priority to become an advocate for other women. She felt passionately that no other women should walk into this disease so naive and unaware of its symptoms. I am so proud of my sister for how she walked through this horrific disease. I promised her that I would continue her efforts to educate women and raise funds for ovarian cancer research. 

I call this collection Healing Hearts. There is a crack in the heart to represent the heartbreak brought on by the diagnosis of this disease, for the patient, family and friends. The gemstone used in this collection is a teal topaz. Teal is the color chosen by the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. The crack in the heart does not go all the way through representing hope for healing. 

In addition to the teal topaz jewelry pieces, you will find one of a kind creations. This jewelry still has the broken heart but other stones and metals are used to create a different and unique look. 

All profits from the Healing Hearts collection will go to The High Heals Foundation. This foundation was started in 2008 by me and my sister's best friend. This is the best way we know to help the healing begin and to honor the memory of my magnificent sister. 

The mission of The High Heals Foundation is to raise funds to develop methods for early diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer and aid in the discovery of a cure through research, advocacy and education. During the process of discovery, we will help women to find their voice and become their own advocates.

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Healing Hearts